Bad Hoodoo

Standalone #

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Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artist: Anne Squires
Pairing: Male/Male/Female
Length: 35 Pages
Release Date: July 26, 2015
Format(s): eBook


Romance author Ricki hasn’t worked so hard all these years to sign books in a horrible, dirty magic shop in New Orleans. Certain her publicist has made a mistake, she offends the shop owner, and receives a voodoo curse in return.

She thinks nothing of it until she’s home in Texas and the hottest cowboy vamp and emotionally unstable werewolf ever show up in her house. Good thing she knows how to deal with Hugo and Laramie. She ought to. She wrote them into existence, after all.

Previously in Torquere Press’ I Put a Spell on You but 2000 words have been added.

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