Collars and Cuffs

Standalone #

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Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artist: Anne Squires
Pairing: Male/Male/Female
Length: 230 Pages
Release Date: June 8, 2015
Format(s): eBook


Rough and tumble cop Hannah knows that to keep up with the boy’s club in her profession, she has to live up to her reputation as a ball buster. The guys call her “Hammer” for a reason. She loves her job, but her personal life leaves a little something to be desired, at least until she meets exotic dancer Johnny.

Johnny is sex on a stick, charming, and also very involved with is lover, Ben. Hannah figures she needs to just back off and leave the two of them alone, but then Ben and Johnny decide they want her in their lives, and in their bed. When a murderer begins stalking them, however, Ben and Johnny have to make sure Hannah stays safe, because loving someone to death might become too literal for their own good.

Previously published by Torquere Press

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