Eagle of Ice, Scorpion of Fire

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Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Pairing: Male/Female
Release Date: October 6, 2010
Format(s): eBook


For centuries, Katharine has been making her own rules, flying above base human complications with an icy outlook, feeding and living on the poor fools caught in the flames of passion. Beautiful and chill, she runs her love life like she runs her master’s business – with the steel grip that only someone with an eternity’s experience can wield.

Years ago, Jared Aquino had been one of Katharine’s pets, a toy for the vampire to feed from, to play with. He left with his skin intact and now he’s back with a secret and a plan to get what he always wanted from Katharine. The question is, will Jared’s fire blaze hot enough to melt Katharine’s will and expose her vulnerable heart?

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