Fuck Forgiveness

Reclamation #1

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover Artist: Bryan Keller
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 48 Pages
Release Date: June 10, 2016
Format(s): eBook


When reformed shifter Danny comes back to Texas as part of his twelve-step program, Declan couldn’t be less interested in forgiving him. Declan thinks Danny got scared when he left five years ago, and has labeled his ex a coward. When he finds out the truth, though, Dec sets about letting Danny know he’s welcome to come home anytime.

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The bus smelled like hell.

Not stinky, unhappy, random yuck. Like blistering, burning, sweat-filled pure hell.

Daniel rested with his cheek against the window, staring out at the mile after mile of low desert. Soon they’d be in the badlands, and then? West Texas.

He didn’t remember leaving home. He’d been drugged into pure idiocy, mad with the agony of being torn from his mate, and trapped in the back of a paddy wagon and howling at the moon.

Daniel sighed softly, trying not to relive that night, but it was an impossibility, especially now knowing he had to go back, face those green eyes, and apologize for hurting one of their own.

It had been a full moon and they had been running, flying over the ground on a hunt when a trio of big males attacked, one taking Declan down with a thud. He smelled the blood of his mate, sharp on the air and he lost his mind, destroying everything in his path. He woke being dragged by strange men to the wagon, his limp body bouncing on the dirt, his mother keening about how he’d destroyed them all, committed murder.

Almost killed his mate.

There was something wrong with him. His wolf was psychotic, just as his mom had said, and he needed help — violent, awful assistance to fix him.

To protect his mate.

The brotherhood — Father Vincent, really, because no one else seemed to make the rules — had forced him into the mold that he deserved to be in. The punishment of not being able to control himself was eternal, endless.

How was he going to do this? Look at Declan and walk away? How could anyone do that?

Danny still loved him, more than life itself. Of course, it was his love that protected Declan, didn’t it? His control was the only thing that protected his mate now — from his wolf and from the threat of the Brotherhood itself. His control and the way the rules of his brothers kept him physically weak.

Thank the goddess that Mother had told him that Declan had survived. It was the only reason he didn’t remain dead after the first time they stopped his heart.

He sighed softly, folding and unfolding his note of apology again and again. He was sorry — so sorry. He would have been the happiest man on earth — happy with his lover, with his mate. Happy living off the earth, with the cattle and the dogs and the moon. Happy bathing together under the…

Stop it.


He shook his head and then dug his fingernails into his wrist, the sharp pain making him shudder with a chill.


There, that was better.

It was a sin to wish for earthly things, to desire what he would never have again. He deserved his pain.

He deserved his shame, his ache, his loss.

He would face his greatest desire and walk away. It was the best thing. It would prove his dedication to the Brotherhood and they would never have to drown him again.